Learn How To Play The Electric Guitar

It’s time to learn how to play the electric guitar! Play by yourself or jam with your buddies and the best way to learn how to play electric guitar is right here at KoolChords.com! Learn for FREE with virtually unlimited HD quality videos!

Learn How To Play The Electric Guitar

At KoolChords we realize that people don’t want to spend hours pouring through boring music theory and scales. People learning how to play the electric guitar want to learn songs and some riffs, along with different techniques for getting different sounds. Picking, tapping, hammer ons … what are they and how do you use these techniques? It’s all here at Koolchords.com. Every video is shot with 3 camera angles. If the instructor is explaining speed picking the camera zooms into the right hand. To demonstrate a “hammer on”, for example, the camera zooms into the left hand and in all videos the instructor slows down portions of his playing to make it very easy to follow along. Learning to play electric guitar has never been so easy and fun!

Our videos are categorized by genre, artist and skill level so if you’re a fan of a particular artist, say Van Halen, simply type “Van Halen” into the search bar and every instructional video that matches your criteria will appear. You could type in “Electric Guitar” into the search bar and start off slow and then progress up to advanced guitar techniques. The beauty of KoolChords is that  it’s free and it’s unlimited so you can spend as many hours as you like mastering different electric guitar techniques.

Did we mention the lessons are FREE! Yes, that’s right, you can learn to play electric guitar for free by simply signing up as a member. There’s no catch or gimmicks and once you sign up you can watch hundreds of hours of high definition video music lessons from the comfort of your own home, anytime, anywhere. We add new videos weekly so make sure you keep coming back to stay up-to-date.

The 30 second preview video to the left is an example of what an electric guitar lesson looks like. As you can see, this is a collage of a few of our professional and accomplished instructrs, showing varying electric guitar techniques. All guitar parts are slowed down making it simple to follow along. Curious? Sign up and watch the full videos!

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