Learn How To Play The Bass Guitar

Learn how to play the Bass Guitar. It’s simple and best of all it’s FREE right here at KoolChords.com! Take your time and learn at your own pace by playing along with virtually unlimited HD quality videos!

Learn How To Play The Bass Guitar

Free bass lessons have never been so easy and so convenient. Learn various bass playing techniques such as slapping, finger picking and even taping, while playing along to your favorite songs. No need to squint at the screen trying to figure out what the instructor is playing. Every video is shot with 3 camera angles so when the instructor is explaining finger picking the camera zooms into the right hand. To demonstrate note placement, the camera zooms in on the left hand. And in all videos the instructor slows down the performance to make it very easy to follow along. Learning to play the bass guitar has never been so much fun and so simple!

Did we mention the lessons are FREE! Yes, that’s right, you can learn to play the bass guitar for free by simply signing up as a member. There’s no catch or gimmicks and once you sign up you can watch hundreds of hours of high definition video music lessons from the comfort of your own home, anytime, anywhere. New videos are added weekly so make sure you come back to enjoy the new content.

The 30 second preview video to the left is an example of various bass guitar lessons. As you can see, this is a collage of a few of our professional and accomplished instructors, demonstrating various bass guitar techniques. All bass parts are slowed down to make it easy to follow along. Curious? Sign up and watch the full videos!

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