Learn How To Play The Acoustic Guitar

Have you always dreamed about learning how to play the acoustic guitar? Wouldn’t it be nice to play a few songs beside the campfire or at a party? Well here’s your answer. Learn how to play acoustic guitar for FREE with virtually unlimited HD quality videos!

Learn How To Play The acoustic guitar

At KoolChords we realize that people don’t want to spend hours pouring through boring musical theory and scales. The first thing a beginner guitar player wants to do is learn a song and then play that song for their friends and family. That’s why we’ve devised a very simple video based learning system that teaches you how to play a few basic chords on acoustic guitar and then, as you advance, apply those chords to learning songs. Every video is shot with 3 camera angles. If the instructor is explaining finger picking, the camera zooms into the right hand. To show proper finger positions and notes, the camera zooms into the left hand and in all videos the instructor slows down portions of his playing to make it very easy to follow along. Learning to play acoustic guitar has never been easier. You’ll be able to master songs in no time and amaze not only your friends but yourself too!

Our videos are categorized by genre, artist and skill level so if you’re a fan of a particular artist, say Neil Young, simply type “Neil Young” into the search bar and every instructional video that matches your criteria will appear. If you’re a beginner guitar player type in “Beginner” to get started and discover basic videos that show you how to tune your guitar and take the first steps toward playing simple chords.

The lessons are FREE! Yes, that’s right, you can learn to play acoustic guitar for free by simply signing up as a member. There’s no catch or gimmicks and once you sign up you can watch hundreds of hours of high definition video music lessons from the comfort of your own home, anytime, anywhere. We add new videos weekly so make sure you keep coming back to view the most up-to-date content.

The preview video below offers an example of what a beginner lesson looks like. One of our many professional and accomplished musicians, Jim, is breaking down the 3 most basic chords needed to get started playing guitar. He meticulously shows you what strings to strum and what notes to play on the fretboard to formulate chords. It’s simple and very easy to follow along and is a great introduction to playing acoustic guitar.


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