About Us

Koolchords is the brainchild of 3 musician friends who realized there's a need around the world for high quality online music instruction. Sure, you can go on YouTube and watch videos for free, but the quality is usually very poor, the instructor's knowledge is questionable and it wastes too much of your valuable time having to wade through "cute cat videos" to find what you're looking for, IF you even find it at all.

At Koolchords we have a few proprietary learning systems that you just won't find anywhere online.

Our "Jam With The Band" feature is completely unique and students all over the world love it. And, we specialize in teaching popular songs. Let's face it, when learning to play an instrument your immediate goal is to be able to play a song for yourself, your friends and family, not just play scales or chord exercises.

Traditional one on one lessons with a live instructor will always be the best way to learn an instrument ... period!  But we believe our online instruction format is an excellent way to enhance your lessons and learn on your own time at your own pace.

Even while enjoying unlimited access to lessons here at Koolchords, we encourage you to support your local teachers and local music stores.


The HD Difference.




All of our videos are shot in the highest quality 1080p HD video. When learning an instrument with precise notes and fingering, it's imperative to clearly see what the instructor is playing. Featuring a minimum of three camera angles with crystal clear close ups when needed to explain a complicated piece, take a look at one of our sample videos and judge the quality for yourself.